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A great week for adults and adolescents offered slim pickings for young ones.

“The Wolverine” — Dads and the Middle School crowd should enjoy this action-packed “X-Men” sequel that puts the spotlight on Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is back as the cat with the quick-healing ability and adamantium skeleton. This time he is lured to Japan and finds out how he got his bones. He is also drawn into a pitched battle with Yakuza thugs while trying to protect a young lady. Fun stuff that echoes the Wolverine mini-series that Frank Miller wrote long before “Sin City.”

“All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” — If you read “Fangoria Magazine,” then you were probably wondering what happened to this horror flick they raved about 10 years ago. After a messy studio boondoggle, you can finally enjoy this teen terror flick that should have competed with “Scream 3.” Amber Heard stars as the most appreciated girl in her class, but the boys strike out with her. A party at a remote house gives the guys a second chance and things get rough, which distracts partygoers from the fact that someone is slaughtering them one by one.

“Saturn 3” — Science fiction was all the rage again after “Star Wars,” and this effort got greenlit despite script problems. The film mixes horror in, as well, and follows a pair of researchers on the third moon of Saturn who are menaced by an out-of-control madman and his robot servant. Clunky special effects get a lift from game performances by Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel and Farrah Fawcett. Lots of extras here make this 1980s curio worth a second look.

“The Smurfs 2” — Do yourself a favor and strap on your Mp3 player while the kids watch this stink burger. I marvel at the talent of Neil Patrick Harris, but he is pushing it in this unnecessary sequel to a cartoon that should have stayed lost with 1980s.


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