The smell of Easter

Dawn Reed Times Columnist

April 11, 2014

Years ago, when my kids were younger, they always got Easter baskets. They weren’t life-changing, but a lot of fun. My husband and I always made sure we got the candy we liked, too, just in case our son and daughter didn’t eat it.

Just like at Christmas, it was hard to buy treats and keep them hidden with kids around.

One year, my husband made a dash to Food City for a few things. He picked up milk and bread and while he was there he purchased goodies for the kids’ Easter baskets. Our children were out playing when he returned so we quickly gathered their surprises and hid them. When the kids came in, we had goofy smiles — so proud of our holiday mischief.

After a few days had passed, I noticed an odor in the house. I couldn’t always smell it, just occasionally.

Forty-eight hours later, the stink was stronger and constant. I was sure something had at least died. I sniffed around from room to room unable to trace its source. I was becoming concerned. The smell seemed to be concentrated in our bedroom. I scoured the room in search of the culprit. I moved things and paced, growing more frustrated by the moment.

Two MORE days later, it was overwhelming; AWFUL! I could barely breathe in our room. And worse: it was even more concentrated right by my side of the bed — where my pillow was. Since I sleep with my mouth open, I pictured mold growing on the inside of my lungs. I KNEW we couldn’t go on with this! I got on my knees; partly to search for the source, partly to pray. After no luck, I began to pray out loud — no kidding — for the Lord to help me find the problem. He’s so sweet. He did just that!

In the floor, I moved shoes, boxes and bags. The ONLY thing that was new under the bed was the bag from Food City. I knew the contents so there was no need to look inside. Nothing but candy was in the bag, I knew. Just for good measure I pulled it from its hiding place.

I slowly untied the bag … and gagged. That was exactly where the dreadful stench had been coming from! But what on earth in Easter candy could be so gross? After gingerly digging through the nasty contents I came across the answer. In picking up a few things at the store, my beloved had purchased some shrimp and crabmeat to eat before Easter dinner. Guess what had been left in the bag with the Easter candy!?

There is a reason shrimp and crabmeat should be refrigerated.