Board members dedicated to doing what’s best for children

Dr. Henry Webb Superintendent, Floyd County Schools

January 17, 2014

Each January the Commonwealth of Kentucky observes School Board Recognition Month as a way to thank school board members for the many hours they devote to our communities and schools. Board members make a positive impact on the education of our children by establishing sound management polices and making the difficult but necessary decisions that ensure our students learn the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

Our district is most fortunate to have Jeff Stumbo, Linda Gearheart, Rhonda Meade, Dr. Chandra Varia, and Sherry Robinson serving as members of the Floyd County Board of Education. These individuals are truly dedicated to doing what’s best for our children. The work of a school board member is more involved than most people realize and maybe even more than our members expected when they began serving the interest of the public.

Members of the Floyd County Board of Education stay focused on continued progress for our school system by monitoring our District Goals:

• College and Career Readiness Rate of 65 percent by 2015.

• Top 50 — School District.

• District score of at least 18.1 on the American College Test (ACT)

• District score of at least 71.9 on the KY Performance Rating for Educational Progress Test (KPREP).

• Every student meets or exceeds Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) expectations.

• Remain fiscally solvent and efficient.

The leadership of the board members has helped fuel our impressive climb among all Kentucky public school districts from 145th in 2005 to 52nd in 2013, based on the most recent state assessment results. While reviewing test performance is an important part of what school board members do, they also work to reduce student achievement gaps, provide for meaningful professional development for staff, monitor school facilities and construction issues and deal with many other “opportunities”. It’s important to know that we’re making this progress during difficult economic times and that our board members are making the tough decisions that get the most for our children.

I am very pleased to tell the citizens of Floyd County that our educational system and our kids are in good hands with our Board of Education and that the board members deserve our support and our thanks during School Board Recognition Month and throughout the year.