Highlands’ labor and delivery unit participates in neonatal resuscitation drills

October 11, 2013

PRESTONSBURG – It’s every new mother’s worst nightmare: you’ve just delivered what you hoped would be a healthy baby, only to be told that the baby is having trouble breathing. In times like these, it helps to have a prepared team of medical professionals on your side.

To help train for these and similar situations, the Highlands Health System Labor and Delivery Unit recently completed simulation drills on neonatal resuscitation. Scenarios covered included assessment, emergency airway management, intubation, emergency drug administration, chest tubes, and umbilical catheters.

Fifteen labor and delivery, and nursery clinicians, including Dr. Antoin Hana, a pediatrician, participated in the drills. Deanna Rice, surgical and obstetrical director, said of the drills, “We are continuing to do more drills because the evidence shows that the more we are exposed to these situations, the quicker we can respond. We, unfortunately, have to prepare for the worst so that we can continue to save lives.”