Highlands Regional Medical Center birth announcements

October 9, 2013

Sept. 12

A son, Mason Rylan Fields, to Alison & Donald Fields, of Hindman

Sept. 16

A daughter, Jalyn Danielle Arnett, to Trista Patrick, of Salyersville

A son, James Kaden Pelphrey, Brittany & James Pelphrey, of Oil Springs

A daughter, Ariabella Mueleah Muncy, to Philista Hughes & Vess Muncy, of Warfield

A son, Kash Taylor Garrett, to Samantha Paige Setser, of Prestonsburg

Sept. 17

A son, Camron Ryan Russell, to Brittany & Stanley Russell, of Salyersville

Sept. 19

A son, Colton Gunner Evans, to Brittany & Dustin Evans, of McDowell

Sept. 20

A daughter, Rheanna Nacole Burchett, to Stacy & Kevin Burchett, of Blue River

Sept. 23

A daughter, Kastyn Reanne Duchnowski, to Megan & Robert Duchnowski, of Prestonsburg

A son, Noah Alexander Hurley, to Shavonne & Mozee Hurley, of Lick Creek

A son, Logan Ethan Blaze Ward, to Genell Hall, of Lackey

Sept. 24

A son, Christopher Shane Smith Marsillett, to Tanya & Larry Marsillett, of Prestonsburg

A daughter, Mia Grace Meek, to Brittany & Matthew Meek, of Paintsville

A son, Zander Michael Lester, to Keshia & Steven Lester, of Prestonsburg

Sept. 25

A daughter, Autumn Lashae Brown, to Haley Blanton & Zachery Brown, of Salyersville

A son, Karson Michael Holbrook, to Tabatha & Michael Holbrook, of Allen

A son, Carson Tyler Keens, to Destiny Niece, of Lackey

Sept. 26

A daughter, Cora Jade Taylor, to Celeste Zoey Taylor, of Pilgrim

A son, Jake Thomas Holbrook, to Gina & Billy Holbrook, of Paintsville

Sept. 27

A daughter, Abigail Brooke Adkins, to Brooke & Jeremy Adkins, of Prestonsburg

A daughter, Emma Aryanna Sanders, to Victoria Risner & Zachary Sanders, of Prestonsburg

A son, Triston Leslie Gage Cox, to Brittany Green & Dustin Cox, of Garrett

Sept. 30

A daughter, Addison Mae Beck Howard, to Rita and Justin Beck Howard, of Salyersville

Oct. 1

A son, Easton Brody Adkins, to Olivia Thacker, of Pikeville

A son, Brian Weslee Conn, to Jamie and Brian Conn, of Allen

A daughter, Addison Navaeh Howard, to Danielle and James Howard, of Salyersville