Local schools improve in nearly every category

Ralph B. Davis rdavis@civitasmedia.com

October 2, 2013

A look at statewide test scores released last week shows Floyd County made substantial gains at nearly every school, adding ammunition to Supt. Henry Webb’s claim last week that the scores were the best the county had seen since the beginning of education reform.

Districtwide, Floyd County students placed in the 83rd percentile, tallying an average score of 60.4. Statewide, the average score was 57.3.

Elementary and middle school students scored far above the state average, with Floyd County elementary students scoring 77.4 and middle school students scoring 71.6. Statewide, those averages were 57.6 and 54.9, respectively.

High school students scored 56.7 on the test, falling just short of the state average of 57.3.

At the school level, nearly every school made gains and exceeded state-established goals, many times by wide margins. Only two schools scored lower on the test from the previous year, Allen Elementary and McDowell Elementary. Allen Elementary scores fell nearly four points, from 61.3 to 57.5, while McDowell scores dropped nearly three points, from 65.7 to 62.8.

Middle school students attending Allen Elementary, however, jumped five points from year to year, rising from 58.0 to 63.0.

Overall, four schools placed in the distinguished category, reserved for the top 10 percent of schools statewide. They are May Valley Elementary, Stumbo Elementary and Osborne Elementary, as well as middle grade students at Stumbo.

Seven more schools placed in the proficient category, meaning they scored between the 70th and 89th percentiles. They include McDowell Elementary, Allen Elementary middle grades, Allen Central Middle School, Betsy Layne Elementary middle grades, Allen Central High School, Betsy Layne High School and Prestonsburg High School.

Full results are as follows:


May Valley, 82.3, 99th percentile

Stumbo, 76.1, 98th percentile

Osborne, 73.2, 95th percentile

McDowell, 62.8, 71st percentile

Prestonsburg, 62.0, 67th percentile

Duff, 61.9, 67th percentile

Allen, 57.5, 49th percentile

Betsy Layne, 54.3, 36th percentile


Stumbo, 65.7, 90th percentile

Allen, 63.0, 86th percentile

Allen Central, 62.8, 85th percentile

Betsy Layne, 62.4, 84th percentile

South Floyd, 55.4, 55th percentile

Adams, 54.5, 52nd percentile


Allen Central, 61.5, 81st percentile

Betsy Layne, 61.2, 80th percentile

Prestonsburg, 59.0, 74th percentile

South Floyd, 53.0, 41st percentile