Rental Central

Tom Doty Times Columnist

September 27, 2013

A refreshing week for renters saw old favorites and new blockbusters sharing space with low key action and some well-crafted horror.

“Iron Man 3” — Let’s face it, no Marvel Comics film would want to follow up the smashing success of “The Avengers.” That said, this is a pretty good effort that finds Tony Stark reeling from almost getting killed in deep space in the “Avengers.” you have to give the film credit for dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. However, it is more talk than action, so fans will be a little let down until the final action sequence delivers an army of Iron Men. Ben Kingsley acquits himself well as the classic villain Mandarin, who is given a fanciful face lift here.

“Redemption” — Action movie veteran Jason Statham anchors this effort. He plays an Afghan war vet who finds himself trying to outrun a court martial by working off the grid for a gangster. However, a chance at redemption brings out his best stuff when he is compelled to right a wrong. A good showcase for his acting talent as well as his ability to bruise his knuckles on bad guys.

“VHS 2” — Better than the original film. Here, two detectives tracking a missing college student stumble across a video collection. The tapes all play out as mini-horror flicks and begin to hint at the fate of the student. Horror fans will love it, but others might find it a bit too gory.

“The Americano” — Rare western with Glenn Ford as a cowboy leading a herd of bulls to South America. He finds himself in hot water with bandits and corrupt businessman. Ford is good and the unique setting is well used. Frank Lovejoy is also well cast here as a shady rancher while Cesar Romero steals it s a charismatic bandito.