South Floyd students raid AP tests for college credit

Ralph B. Davis rdavis@civitasmedia.com

September 10, 2013

HI HAT — With the band playing fight songs, cheerleaders on the floor cheering, and the entire student body packed inside, South Floyd High School’s Raider Arena had all the appearance of a pep rally Friday morning. And in a sense, it was, but it was not the football team that was the center of attention.

South Floyd was celebrating success in the classroom, as students there racked up 19 passing scores on Advanced Placement tests last year — the most in the county this year and the most in the school’s history.

“Nineteen passing scores led this county,” Principal Joe Marson said. “There was no school in the county that had more passing scores than that. And I believe it exceeded the number of passing scores we’ve had in the history of the school. Those are incredible numbers and they’re growing exponentially, so give them a hand for that.”

But Marson was also not content to rest on the school’s success last year.

“Obviously, next year, we want this number to double,” the principal said.

Advanced Placement, or AP, courses allow high school students to take advanced courses and, if they pass an exam at the end, receive college credit for the course.

The school also saw 200 of its 300 students take AP or pre-AP classes last year. While many opted not to take the exam for college credit afterwards, Marson said they would still benefit from the more rigorous classwork.

“Obviously, when we call our students forward, who received passing scores, we are very proud of them, but are as proud or more so that we have people willing to take the courses and people willing to do the work, people who are not trying to opt out,” Marson said. “That is going to be beneficial to you, when you take another AP course and pass it, or when you go off to college, you’ll understand what it takes to take college-level courses.”

Students who passed an AP exam were rewarded for their efforts, receiving a $100 incentive for each successful test. The incentives were financed by the school’s participation in Advance Kentucky, which also provided material and training support.

Students who passed AP courses included:


Amber Mosley

Crystal Sizemore

Alex Tackett


Randi Holbrook

Amber Mosley

Crystal Sizemore


Kaitlan Daniels

Brittany Hamilton

Charly Hyden


Alex Tackett


Randi Holbrook


Andrea Cicchetti

Amberly Cook

Tomeka Dye

Randi Holbrook

Taylor Johnson

Toni Keens

Amber Mosley

Crystal Sizemore