Pine Street issues continue

Debbie Rolen Staff Writer

September 5, 2013

Tempers flare as residents of Pine Street continue as a solution to their predicament has yet to be found. Pine Street was damaged in March of 2012 and has continued to deteriorate to the point the street had to be closed, trapping four families located beyond the point of the slide.

Kevin and Debbie Lee pushed groceries up the hill in a wagon Saturday. and het husband, who suffers with heart problems, began having chest pains and also had a seizure. When Mrs. Lee called an ambulance for her husband, they sent a four-wheeler. Mr. Lee was strapped onto the four wheeler and it broke down before they could get him to the ambulance. Mrs. Lee and LEASA employees and a firefighter came up and helped push the four-wheeler down the hill. Once Mr. Lee finally got to the hospital, he was admitted and stayed for two nights.

Ray Hensley was the resident given a four-wheeler to help the residents get back and forth to their vehicles or wherever they needed to go. On Saturday, Mrs. Lee says he left 9 a.m., got home at 7:20 p.m., then left again at 7:35 p.m. and was still gone when the ambulance came for Mr. Lee. The Lees say he is never home and he doesn’t leave the four-wheeler and key for the others like he is supposed to.

Mrs. Lee said she and Janice Eplin went to talk to Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti yesterday and he and Code Enforcement Officer Ray Perry told the two it would be taken care of and they would have to get somebody else to drive the four-wheeler. Lee told the mayor she would. Mayor Nolletti and Perry said it would be taken care of as soon as Scott Beckett came in at 4 p.m. to give them Hensley’s phone number.

Mrs. Lee said she got a surprise when she went down today to talk to Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti.

“Since we hadn’t heard anything, Janice and I went back down there today around 1 p.m. Right off the bat he starts getting hateful and rude. His words to us were: What do you want me to do about it. I’ve done everything I can about it. You all are here every day. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to come up there and lay in the road so you can drive over me? Do you want me to build you a road?”

Then Mrs. Lee said the mayor looked at Janice and told her she had written him a letter, but maybe Obama can help with it. According to Mrs. Lee, he turned his attention back to the both of them and told them they had cards with Ray’s number on it, but she told him they didn’t.

She said Mayor Nolletti told them they have to consult their lawyer and walked away from them.

Mrs Lee said she felt like they had been dismissed, so she went home.

“We have been doing some consulting of our own,” said Mrs. Lee.

Mayor Nolletti said he lost patience when Ms. Eplin told Mrs. Lee that nothing was going to happen there, they would have to go another route.

“There is nothing I can do now. It’s out of my hands. It’s in the hands of people higher up than me. It’s not going to do any good to come down here every day or to run to the Banner or radio station.There’s nothing else that can be done.”

The mayor said he hadn’t talked to Ray Hensley about the situation. He also said Hensley is the only one authorized to use the four-wheeler. He said the other residents were mistaken about Hensley leaving the keys for them to use the four-wheeler.

The City of Logan and the residents trapped at Pine Street are waiting for an answer from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington as to whether the city can use the funds originally sought for street repair to buy out the residents and close Pine Street or whether the funds will be used to rebuild the street.