Police cruisers collide over weekend in downtown Williamson

By Kyle Lovern

August 27, 2013

Rachel Baldwin

Staff Writer

WILLIAMSON - Although details surrounding an accident that occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning involving a collision between a Mingo County Sheriff’s Deputy (MCSD) and two officers with the Williamson City Police Department are scarce at this time, the Williamson Daily News has obtained basic information to share with our readers.

At approximately 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning, Mingo County 911 allegedly received a complaint of a fight in process at the Three-Way Lounge in Williamson. MCSD Corporal Phillip Muncy is said to have been responding to the accident, along with WPD Lt. Grady Paul Dotson (driving) and Sgt. Jimmy Spence (passenger). The exact cause of the crash that resulted in the sheriff’s department SUV slamming into the rear of the city cruiser has not been released.

According to information provided by family members of the officers involved, Sgt. Spence was transported to the Cabell Huntington Hospital to receive specialized treatment for multiple spinal fractures. Lt. Dotson suffered lacerations in the crash and required stitches and Cpl. Muncy was reportedly complaining of neck and back pain.

“I can tell you that I was called to the scene that morning,” said Mingo County Chief Field Deputy, C.D. Rockel. “The vehicles collided at the four way intersection at the corner of Third Avenue and Harvey Street. The county SUV and the city cruiser were both listed as a total loss. All three officers were transported by EMS to the Williamson Memorial Hospital for treatment.”

“Trooper Contos of the West Virginia State Police is the investigating officer and you will have to speak with him to obtain further information,” remarked Rockel.

Several attempts to contact the trooper were made over the course of Sunday and Monday, but were not successful. Likewise, a statement could not be obtained regarding the accident from Williamson Police Chief Barry Blair.

The three officers remain injured and off duty at this time, and no updates on their condition or work status have been released.

The accident was a hot topic on social media outlets over the weekend, as well as a top conversation piece within the local communities.

The Williamson Daily News contacted Duba’s Wrecker Service in East Williamson, where the city cruiser is being stored, for permission to photograph the wrecked vehicle but was denied.

“We were told not to let anyone take pictures without the direct permission of Chief Blair,” stated the owner.

A photo was obtained from the roadway, and even with the leaves on the trees somewhat blocking the view, the damage is still visible. The photograph of the Sheriff’s Department SUV was captured at the Mingo County Garage, where it is being stored.

Additional information on this accident will be released as it becomes available, as well as updates on the officer’s condition.