Bradley indicted for escape, four robberies

By Jack Latta

August 1, 2013

PRESTOPNSBURG — A Floyd County man who escaped custody last month following his preliminary hearing was twice indicted this week by a grand jury.

Scotty Bradley, 31, of Blue River, was indicted on five counts related to robberies committed across Floyd County in May and June of this year. Bradley was indicted on charges pertaining to four separate robberies.

According to the grand jury report, Bradley was indicted on one count of first-degree robbery in connection with the May 15 robbery of the Allen Double Kwik, one count of criminal attempt to commit first-degree robbery in connection with the June 1 crime against the Family Dollar store in Betsy Layne, one count of first-degree robbery in connection with the June 4 robbery of the Subway restaurant in Allen, one count of first-degree robbery in connection with a crime against the McDowell Stop and Shop, and one count of being a persistent felony offender.

Bradley was picked up following the McDowell robbery, along with Kelly J. Bryant, 43, of Martin, who was also arrested and charged with first-degree robbery. Bryant was also indicted this week for her alleged role in the McDowell Stop and Shop robbery.

Bradley again made headlines in June after he escaped from custody while being transported to the jail following his preliminary hearing in Floyd District Court. Bradley was spotted by a number of local residents running through Prestonsburg. Bradley was apprehended a day later by Kentucky State Police Troopers John Gabbard, Sgt. David Peppi, and Prestonsburg Police Department Officer Jonathan Pack attempting to stop vehicles along U.S. 23 near Watergap.

Following his capture, Bradley was charged with one count of second-degree escape, a Class D felony.

A second indictment of Bradley was also passed down on Tuesday which included his escape from custody. In the indictment, Bradley is charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence, fleeing or evading police, resisting arrest, first-degree wanton endangerment, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, careless driving, second-degree escape and persistent felony offender.

An indictment is found and presented by a grand jury who has been legally convened and sworn. To bring an indictment, the grand jury will not find guilt, but only the probability that a crime has been committed, that the accused person did it, and that he/she should be tried. The purpose of an indictment is to inform an accused individual of the charge against him or her so that the person will be able to prepare a defense.