School board approves raise for employees

By Jack Latta

July 25, 2013

PRESTONSBURG - Several actions, inlcuding a small raise for staff, were passed through Monday during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Floyd County Board of Education.

During Monday’s meeting, board officials agreed to give staff a 1 percent increase in pay this year for all staff and asministrators. Superintendent Henry Webb noted that staff had recently had an increase in their retirement costs, and that this raise could help offset that additional cost.

Also during the meeting the board approved action on the following items:

  • A service agreement with Waste Connections of Kentucky providing a 30 yard trash compactor at McDowell Elementarty.
  • an agreement between 21st Centruy Learners and the Floyd County schools for an Afterschool program at South Floyd High/Middle School
  • renewel of contract for the district grant writer
  • contracting with Home Health Care Services of Pikeville to placed trained, experienced health care proffessionals to provide total health care of students for the 2013-14 school year.
  • approving principals of each school as chairperson of school-based 504 meetings and an alternate administrator to serve as principals designee.
  • approving pincipal at each school as chairperson of school-school based admission and release committee meetings and an alternate administrator to serve as principals designee
  • limited contract for services with Central Kentucky Psychological Services for 2013-14 school year
  • contract for transporting a student with special health needs for 2013-14 school year
  • establishing five temporary special needs para-educator positions for 2013-14 school year
  • memorandum of agreement between Mountain Comprehensive Care Center for SIGHTS Programs for 2013-14 school year
  • district wide kindergarten progress report beginning August 2013
  • school-wide fundraisers for May Valley Elementary for 2013-14 school year
  • fundraiser event with Bumblebee Marketing Inc., for Allen Elemetnary School
  • school-wide fundraisers for Betsy Layne Elementary
  • agreement/contract with The Southern Regional Board to Work Collaboratively with Adams Middle School and Allen Elementary School for 2013-14 school year

Actions to consider commerical transportation for collegiate visits by the Floyd County Early College Academy Students were tabled until the board could get more information.

During Monday’s meeting, Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) President Dr. George Edwards and the Staff of BSCTC were recognized for their efforts in helping to make the inagural year of the Floyd County Early College Academy a success.