Bakay looking for help to realize a dream

Ralph B. Davisrdavis@civitasmedia.com

April 9, 2013

A local woman says she is on the verge of fulfilling a lifelong dream, but she needs the public’s help to make it happen.

Sara Bakay has wanted to be an actress since she was 5 years old, and she has had some success in pursuing that goal, acting with Jenny Wiley Theatre and traveling school productions, and appearing last year in four independent films and a commercial.

In March, Bakay was one of several hundred people to attend an audition in Lexington, and she was one of 10 people selected to compete before agents, managers and casting directors in New York later this year. But there is one catch: She estimates four months of training and the six-day trip to New York will cost her $6,000 — money she says she cannot raise, despite taking on several side jobs in addition to her regular job.

“I have been fighting so hard for my dream, and now I feel as if it is at my fingertips,” Bakay says. “I will be working on my end to get as many hours as possible at my current jobs to pay for everything, but my minimum wage salary does not allow me to make the goal in the afforded time.”

As a result, Bakay is asking for donations to help fund her trip. She currently has a crowdfunding campaign open at igg.me/at/sarabakay and a “spare change” campaign at her Facebook fan page, facebook.com/sarabakay.

More information about Bakay and other ways to contribute to trip are available through her website, sarabakay.com.