High water more headache than disaster

Jack Lattajlatta@civitasmedia.com

January 17, 2013

Torrential rains made for some high waters this week, but as the clouds parted, little damage is evident countywide.

Judge R.D. “Doc” Marshall said Thursday that the county dodged another bullet. Marshall said that while he wasn’t aware of any bridges or culverts which has been destroyed in the flooding, there were a few hillside slips that would present problems.

“We get this every year,” Marshall said in regard to the slips. Marshall said every year development, new construction and earth moving shifts things around, then in January and February the rains come and hills start to slip.

“We’ve had some good slips,” Marshall said.

Marshall said that one such slip was on Woods Branch of Cow Creek, while another was developing in the southern portion of the county. “A really good size slip developing in Schoolhouse Hollow on Prater Creek.”

Marshall said waters did get considerably high, but were now receding, and he had not heard any reports of any serious damage due to the waters. “We’ve had some high waters, but we’ve not been bothered so much by the flooding other than just cutting off areas.”

Marshall said it will probably take a few days for all the creeks and streams to recede, but that the weather report was favorable with no more rain in sight.

Floyd County schools were called off for the rest of the week Wednesday evening on account of high waters and illness.