Breathe Easy begins PR campaign for smoke-free workplaces

Ralph B. DavisManaging Editor

August 2, 2012

PRESTONSBURG — The Floyd County Health Department’s Breathe Easy Floyd County Coalition appears to be gearing up for a fight to extend a workplace smoking ban across the entire county, and the first battleground could be in your mailbox.

The coalition conducted a mass-mailing this week to zip codes “from Wheelwright to Auxier,” said coalition coordinator Jean Rosenberg. The purpose of the mailing was to provide lessons on the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The coalition was instrumental in convincing the Prestonsburg City Council to ban smoking in all workplaces in the city two years ago. Now, the group is hoping to build on that victory by lobbying the fiscal court to also adopt such a measure.

“After receiving many supportive comments on Prestonsburg’s comprehensive smoke-free workplace ordinance, the Breathe Easy Coalition wants to extend this workplace safety measure to every Floyd County worker,” the coalition said in a statement released Tuesday.