Second bike safety event offers cool and refreshing incentive

Ralph B. DavisManaging Editor

July 24, 2012

PRESTONSBURG — Local children can take advantage of a chance to brush up on bicycle safety skills and get a free helmet, plus earn a dip in the swimming pool, this Friday.

The city will be staging its second children’s bicycle safety workshop Friday morning, and organizers have upped the bonuses available to those who take part.

Like the first workshop, held last month, the first 20 children who attend will receive a free bicycle helmet. This time, however, all children who attend will also receive free admission to the Archer Park swimming pool, after the workshop is completed.

The workshop is open to children aged 9 to 12. It will take place at Archer Park, under the picnic shelter near the skating rink.

The workshop is part of Prestonsburg’s efforts to establish itself as a “bicycle-friendly community,” as part of a grant from the Brushy Fork Institute.

To register for the bicycle safety workshop, call Jennifer Gardner or Mike Vance at (606) 886-2336.